The Mary Campbell Center— On July 7th, our residents along with accompanied staff members and some family members took a trip to Delaware Park. This trip was determined after MCC was unable to go to the Plumpton Park Zoo after weather conditions were assessed and it was determined for the safety of residents and staff that the trip needed to be relocated to an indoor facility. Upon arrival at Delaware Park, our residents were able to see the horse races. Delaware Park was somewhat accessible for our residents. There were some residents that had a harder time navigating around through slot machines with other people walking around. MCC staff worked together with residents to make decisions on how residents wanted to spend their money. Residents were excited to see how their choices resulted on their cashout vouchers. The Delaware Park atmosphere was welcoming to our residents and the Delaware Park staff were willing to help with whatever was needed. When playing machine roulette, some of our residents doubled their money to continue playing. At the end, nobody hit big, however, MCC resident Charlie left with the most earnings!

The Mary Campbell Center– On July 14th residents from The Mary Campbell Center had the opportunity to take a trip to Mill Creek Fire Company located in Marshallton Delaware. Upon arrival, staff and residents were welcomed by Mill Creek staff members. The building was easily accessible for all our residents. MCC got a tour of the facility starting with the ambulances. Residents were able to learn about the different features that ambulances bring and about the history of why all their vehicles are green! Residents then got to see the fire trucks which included seeing some machinery that is used top help when someone is trapped. Residents visited the fire company with proper protection if sirens were to go off while we were there. It was an amazing trip to finish off the amazing week!

The Mary Campbell Center—MCC beat the heat and went out to the ball game! Residents and staff attended the Wilmington Blue Rocks game on July 19th, 2023, against the Greensboro Grasshoppers. This game was a thrill for all. Frawley Stadium was handicap accessible and welcomed us with open arms. This was also a great time for family members to join us on a community outing that is fun for everyone. Even though the Blue Rocks did not end up on top, our residents were on top of the world with two residents getting game balls from the game!

The Mary Campbell Center—On Friday, July 21st, MCC residents and staff attended the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. MCC residents and staff arrived at the Franklin Institute and were immediately welcomed with joy from Franklin Institute staff who showed us the way to the handicap accessible ramps to navigate through the building. Our residents and staff were able to go to the Disney100: The Exhibition, which was a thrill. We were able to go back in time and see how Disney has evolved over the years. It brought us back to some good memories from the past. We then ventured over to ‘Your Brain’ where residents challenged staff members to go through the brain maze. There were tons of laughs shared among all. We finished off by going to the ‘Air Show’ and ‘The Giant Heart’ experiences. This day was full of learning and fun for residents and staff!