Aquatics Center

The Joseph J. Picciotti, Jr. Hydrotherapy Center was constructed as a state-of-the-art facility to promote ability and relaxation. The 900+ square foot swimming pool features a moveable floor which can be raised and lowered to accommodate the widest possible range of ages and program uses. The adjoining therapy pool is used to promote flexibility as well as relaxation. Both pools are accessed with an overhead lift system for safety and comfort. The facility is available for residents, participants in the Children & Youth Program, and members of the local community.

"I told my Mom and Dad in 1987 that The Mary Campbell Center was my dream home and one day I wanted to live there. When I came to MCC it changed my whole life. Living here has helped me cope in a big world. I never knew MCC would give me a new outlook on life, a new future, and a new beginning. I really love living here."
Julia H.