Our Mission

Discover, grow, and celebrate abilities.

The Center was ahead of its time, focused on providing a residential environment where care would be delivered compassionately, individuals would feel comfortably at home, be actively engaged in their daily life, encouraged to set goals, and celebrated for what they could do, not what they couldn’t.

Walking alongside its Residents, a team of professionals and skilled care providers help individuals meet The Center’s mission to DISCOVER, GROW AND CELEBRATE ABILITIES. This mission breathes life into all we do every day, and extends to the entire MCC family—residents, staff, consultants, families, friends, volunteers, and the many supporters who keep us on track and ensure we continue to thrive.

Our Vision

We envision a day when every Resident’s dream becomes a reality.

The Center began with the founders’ vision, which today stands as a thriving reality. A vision still prevails, but differently, and now rests on the aspirations of every Resident and the shoulders of those who support them. Here, dreams are nurtured every day; they can and do come true.

Residents have graduated from college, published books, flown in a hot air balloon, become Eagle Scouts, learned to swim, mastered communication independence, served as disability advocates, traveled to bucket list events and destinations…the accounting of dreams delivered is long, and keeps growing.

Dream Diary

Our Values

Compassion, Service, Respect

The foundation of The Center’s culture is based on how we behave, engage in our work, and treat each other. For us, the stool has three legs: Compassion, Service, and Respect. We approach everyday abiding by these foundational elements.

Compassion — Compassion is empathy in action. A strong desire to help people in need with kindness is a quality we embrace.

Service — Service is our purpose. We serve by listening, caring, collaborating, volunteering and “doing” for Residents who rely on us every day.

Respect — Respecting others’ beliefs, experiences, perspectives, and feelings facilitates learning and growth, drives change, inspires innovation, and builds valued relationships that help the MCC community cohere.


"We envision a day when every Resident’s dream becomes a reality."
The Mary Campbell Center Vision