Our Guiding Principles for Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement

MCC strives to create an atmosphere that fosters positive interactions between residents, staff, loved ones and community participants. Employees are encouraged to embrace and put these principles into practice to create a positive culture that is caring, compassionate and built upon mutual respect.

  • The Board of Directors has made attention to performance with the highest quality one of the major elements of the mission of The Mary Campbell Center since its inception.
  • We deliver care and services adhering to the best-known practices, using quality assurance and performance improvement to make decisions and guide our day-to-day operations.
  • We approach each person every day with a cheerful and respectful manner, with the outcome of unsurpassed quality of care and quality of life for the residents.
  • At The Mary Campbell Center, quality assurance and performance improvement include all employees, all departments, and all services provided.
  • We encourage the interdependence and mutual respect of all staff, focusing on systems and processes, helping one another to create a culture that identifies system gaps without blaming individuals.
  • We make decisions based on data, which includes the input and experience of caregivers, residents, family members, and other members of our community.
  • We encourage our staff to support each other and to take ownership for the care and services provided to the residents.
  • The Mary Campbell Center sets goals for quality assurance and performance improvement and measures progress toward those goals.
"The Mary Campbell Center has made a difference in my life because I can spend my time focusing on my abilities without having to worry about having my needs met."
Kevin W.