Aquatics and Physical Development

Our moveable pool floor is adjustable from depths as low as a few inches, all the way to four feet – the ideal working depth for aquatic activities. The experienced Aquatics Staff assists the residents with individualized programs utilizing water weights, flotation devices, and games.

The Aquatics Center is also equipped with a hot tub/spa used for muscular relaxation. Access to both the hot tub and pool is facilitated with ceiling mounted lift systems.

Physical Development

Residents also participate in Physical Development programs. Specialized weight lifting machines and equipment designed for strength and aerobic training provide the residents at MCC with all-around unique exercise opportunities.

The Nursing Restorative Program is conducted by RCT’s with oversight from Nursing, Physical and Occupational Therapy, to sustain or improve a resident’s physical functioning. Objectives include performing joint range of motion for upper and lower extremities and standing exercise including walking for ambulation tolerance and endurance for those who are weight-bearing. This strengthening program is a key component of health and wellness for those residents who can participate.