Current Plans & Progress

The Mary Campbell Center Board of Directors has approved a comprehensive plan of capital projects, and fundraising efforts continue. To date, over $14.8 million has been raised, and completed projects include the construction of the Great Room addition. Significant interior renovations to all common and administrative areas and infrastructure improvements, including installing underground electric and communication lines, have been completed.

Phase 3

The next phase of projects includes renovating every resident room with modern comforts, technology, medical, entertainment, and communication equipment. This project will begin in 2024 and will take two years to complete.


Projects under development awaiting funding include:

  • Phase 4 Reserve for Replacement Fund
  • Phase 5 Pool / Pool Shower / Locker Renovation
  • Phase 6 Children & Youth Renovations
  • Phase 7 Nurse Stations/Case Management
  • Phase 8 Exterior Projects – Patio, Nature Trail, Memorial Garden
  • Phase 9 Electric Systems Switchgear, etc.

Planning Ahead

Future needs are always being evaluated.

For more information and to support the Capital Campaign, please contact Tom Shea, Director of Advancement and External Affairs, at (302) 762-6025 ext. 172 or